Your Monthly Membership Gives You Access To:


Your Monthly Membership Gives You Access To:

  • An Immersive learning experience - New lessons and Tutorials added Weekly/Monthly, including videos, audios and written content from Top Industry Experts. Learn from the best!

  • Learn and connect with Industry Experts. Get down to business with top music supervisors, top industry experts, and decision makers behind music for visual media via our consistent live webinars, Q & A sessions, digital events, and podcast.

  • Access to the Sync Vault - TV Shows Database: The resource for connecting your music to decision makers behind music in TV Shows. Engage Directly. Gain access to Hundreds of TV Show Schedules, Renewals, Music Pitching Timeline, Assigned Music Supervisor, Music Use and More.

  • Placement Opportunities in film/tv/advertising/video games as requested by music supervisors, ad agencies, producers, who tap into our network for music

  • Sync on Demand: Access and stream our exclusive masterclass interviews and presentations with Music Supervisors and Creative Directors.

  • Community portal infused with constant industry updates and newsletters, and networking/collaboration opportunities with fellow music creators members across the world.

  • Music Licensing tips & guidance to achieving success, consistent placements & longevity

  • Access from anywhere in the world, on a desktop, phone, or TV, and learn at your own pace.

  • ....and much more!

  • All at ($19.99/month). Unbeatable!

What Your Fellow Music Creators Have to Say

Co Owner, MMP Records

John Kyle

Every musician needs to take and continue this type of training. The experience and expertise provided here is solid. The way it's presented is highly intuitive and educational for anyone that’s willing to get into the music licensing business. The information is presented in a very easy term for a novice to understand, and i consider myself a novice

Music Producer, Composer

Jerome Smith

“Continuous learning is key and It has really expanded my scope and understanding of what music licensing is really all about, and how to truly succeed. I have since landed placements with Samsung, Sony, and several tv shows. Music Licensing is a career for me, and i’m glad i can call it one.”

Artist, Singer, Songwriter


As an artist and songwriter, now i know there are more options for me besides putting music out. I learnt how to write songs for film and tv, and how to license them on my own without going through a 3rd party. Career wise, it has opened my eyes to more options and opportunities available to me and how to handle the business side better

Artist Management, LTB

Lisa Brown

As a manager to few artists, i've been able to get them placements on several tv shows, to be heard by millions of households, and also get paid, besides gigs. This is the gift that keeps giving and so worth it.

R.T. Crøwne Records

Nick Rauch

Thanks for providing such a great service via the membership and online portal. Very helpful and knowledgeable!

Music Student

Jason Mor

My school curriculum is awesome but not as expansive and expensive lol. As an aspiring film composer, the Sync Community focuses on the 360 which keeps me well rounded and learning from industry experts. I have learned SO MUCH and continuously learning for just $9.99 a month.


Lee Nguyen

I started my membership after attending the Sync Con Conference in Los Angeles. I needed continuous growth and learning and my membership has provided that to me.

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Music licensing is the quickest platform to achieving a steady stream of income. The creatives behind films, television shows, commercials, video games, ringtones, and other digital-age media NEED your music for their projects. Having Your Music In Film and TV puts you on the forefront for lucrative opportunities as a music creator. Regardless of experience, up-and-coming or a new songwriter or a music producer/composer, there’s a place for you in this fast-growing field—as long as you learn to master the game! Join the Sync Community today.