Upon completion of my registration, what's next?

If you signed up using paypal:

Please take the Action Items:

1. Email us at community@sync-con.com with email header: Paypal subscription New Member

2. Provide us with:

 - Your first and last name

  - paypal email (for us to match and tie  to your membership account)

 -  the email address you opened your Sync Community account under. If you haven't created an account yet, be sure to let us know and we'll activate it under your preferred email address.

Please email us asap to avoid delays in activating your account. You'll get a confirmation email once your membership is fully processed in few minutes.

Your paypal statement would show your payment as "SYNC COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP - MUSIC BLVD GROUP "

(Music Blvd Group is the Parent Company)

If you signed up using a credit card:

Your member is activated immediately. You'll get an email confirmation upon successful registration. You can access your membership portal immediately. 

Your credit card statement would show your payment as "SYNC COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP

Got questions or need assistance?

Contact us at community@sync-con.com