Ryan Hornibrook

Music Producer @ryzeofficialmusic

Got a placement on Call of Duty  Black Ops Cold War via the Sync Community

Working on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. That was a big one. Extremely grateful and excited to be a part of it, all thanks to the Sync Community for such a massive opportunity

John Kyle

Co Owner, MMP Records

Every musicians needs to take and continue this type of training, The expertise and experience provided here is solid. The way it's presented is highly intuitive and educational for anyone that's willing to get into the music licensing business. The information is presented in a very easy term for a novice to understand, and i consider myself a novice.

Clebox Music

We are constantly using the platform and attending the webinars. Actually we started working with Howling Music after a Sync community's webinar

Jerome Smith

Music Producer, Composer @jsakathebest

Continuous learning is key and it has really expanded my understanding of what music licensing really is all about, and how to truly succeed. I have since landed tons of placements with major brands and tv shows (Time, Movado, NFL, NBA, etc). Music licensing is a career for me, and i'm glad i can call it one.

Matteo Galesi, Music Producer


I wanted to thank you for the great content and helpful information on your platform. I have been hard at work creating since I joined a few months ago and you guys enabled me to be more focused and have a much clearer aim, thank you!!

Really excited about the new update with the supervisor’s details, I have been trying to look for some contacts for weeks unsuccessfully and this is super helpful.

Peter Schott

Creative Director at 2c2c Music @2c2cM

I found your free course to be very informative and helpful.I plan on signing up for membership on your site. Greatly appreciated.

Drew Connor

Head of Music, One Shoe Records

This was one of the most informative and invaluable  webinars I've been on..with music supervisors and publishers. Very much appreciated! 

The Sync Triangle (Sync, Publishing, Clearance Copyright) Webinar


Nick Rauch

R.T. Crøwne Records

 Thanks for providing such a great service via the membership and online portal. Very helpful and knowledgeable!


Artist, Singer, Songwriter

As an artist and songwriter, now i know there are more options for be besides putting music out. I keep learning so much including how to license my music without going through a 3rd party. Career wise, it has opened my eyes to more and how to handle the business side better

Cynthia Sanou


 I congratulate you for having the initiative to organize this platform. I think it will be very beneficial to us trying to get into music for tv and film

Deniz Ozcelik

Songwriter, Producer @denizozcelikmusic

 I attended the Sync Planning 2021: Live Training. It was great, I actually really enjoyed all the people in the Live Session who were writing in the chat board. It really made me connect. My question about submitting our tracks was answered specifically in Q&A. I am really thankful for that.  I felt the possibility of connecting more to the industry and to the musicians here, happily after this session.

Lisa Brown

Artist Management, LTB

As a manager to few artists, i've been able to get them placements on several tv shows, to be heard by millions of households, and also get paid, besides gigs. This is the gift that keeps giving and so worth it.  

Jason Mor

Music Student

 My school curriculum is awesome but not as expansive and expensive lol. As an aspiring film composer, the Sync Community focuses on the 360 which keeps me well rounded and learning from industry experts.  I have learned SO MUCH and continue learning

Lee Nguyen


I started my membership after attending the Sync Con Conference in Los Angeles. I needed continuous growth and learning and my membership has provided that to me.

Marc Collier

Drummer, Music Teacher For 30 Years, Masters Degree In Music From University of Washington

This Master Course class has been great about the aspect of music business that should be added into University Curriculums to help musicians, creators, engineers, and music majors learn how to making a living in film and tv from their craft besides just gigs. Good detail. Thorough coverage of the process (submission, custom). Feel i have a solid grasp of building my own library

Got Early Access to the Music in Film and TV Master Course - MMIFTV Sync Academy

*coming to The Sync Community soon*

Rob Sanchez

Founder of MMP Records

The music in film and tv Master Course is a great course. Learned everything i wanted too. I also learned the importance of a brief. Excited to take it to the next level and start expanding as a company. We are in the process of starting our music licensing company. This helped up jumpstart it immediately

Got Early Access to the Music in Film and TV Master Course - MMIFTV Sync Academy

*coming to The Sync Community soon*

Brandon Carlyle

Music Producer, Owner, Doitte Media

I’ve been producing music for over 7 years. I wanted to step in to the side of music, placing music in film and tv. It’s a good course, great information. I was able to understand the full concept behind music licensing and process that comes with placing music in film and tv. There were some stuff i didn’t know before that you expanded on that i know now, and puts me in a better spot. Take the course. Sign up. Learn this information for yourself. It would help puts you in a better position to generate income for your music. Learn what i learned

Got Early Access to the Music in Film and TV Master Course - MMIFTV Sync Academy

*coming to The Sync Community soon*

Conrad "Grips" McRae


 Your platform is amazing. I will be one of your success stories. 100%. Thank y'all again for your support and energy!!