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In today’s music industry, working smart means exploring and taking advantage of new revenue streams beyond the standard of album sales and gigs. With the right tools, training, knowledge, information, people, and networking, sync and licensing can be an effective source of additional income for music creators. This is what the Sync Community offers to you.


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Get down to business via our Interactive Webinar Networking Events. Here, you'll connect with our Guests: Top Music Supervisors, Creative Directors, and Industry Experts behind music for visual media.


Placement Opportunities in film/tv/advertising/video games as requested by music supervisors, ad agencies, producers, who tap into our network for music


Exclusive Quarterly Mentoring and Coaching Program, for creatives taking that are ready to take it to the next level. You would be in a high structure mentoring group including hands on coaching/teaching and business development to help you achieve maximum results in music licensing for visual media.


Access and stream our exclusive masterclass interviews and presentations with Music Supervisors and Creative Directors.

SYNC VAULT: TV Shows Database

Access The ultimate repertoire! Get immediate access and connect your music to decision makers behind music in TV Shows. Engage Directly. Gain access to Music Supervisors behind Hundreds of TV Shows, Music Use in The Shows, Music Pitching Timeline, Schedules, Renewals, Music Use and More.

SYNC VAULT: TV Networks Database

Get immediate access! Start networking and connecting your music to hundreds of decision makers behind music at TV Networks and Production Houses. Updated every quarter.

SYNC VAULT: Brands & Advertising Agencies Database

Get immediate access to these resources. Start networking and connecting your music to HUNDREDS of Creative Directors and Advertising Agencies, behind the worlds BIGGEST Brands! Updated every quarter.

SYNC VAULT: Video Games Database

Get immediate access! Start networking and connecting your music to Top Video Game Companies, Music Supervisors and Creatives behind music for Video Games! Updated every quarter.

SYNC VAULT: Film Studios Database

Get immediate access! Start networking and connecting your music to TOP Film Studios behind the production of today’s films.Updated every quarter.

SYNC VAULT: Trailer House Database

Get immediate access! Start networking and connecting your music to TOP Trailer Houses behind today’s Motion Picture trailers, Teasers, and more. Updated every quarter.


Community portal infused with constant industry updates and newsletters, and networking/collaboration opportunities with fellow music creators members across the world.

Music Licensing tips & guidance to achieving success, consistent placements & longevity

Access from anywhere in the world, on a desktop, phone, or TV, and learn at your own pace.

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Sync Events & Connects

Interactive and Connect Directly with Top Music Supervisors, Creative Directors, and Industry Experts via Live Digital Events

These events are available to subscribed members (based on your membership tier). Here, you have unlimited access to attend. Members with access have  the opportunity to learn, network, and connect with top music supervisors and decision makers behind music for today's top shows, tv, trailers and video games.

Good News!

Sync Community member gets Call of Duty Cold War MP/Xfinity Worldwide Trailer Campaign Placement!

Sync placement by a Sync Community member! We are excited to announce that the music for the worldwide advertising campaign for Activision's Call of Duty MP and Xfinity was composed by Ryan Hornibrook who landed the placement through the Sync Community and Andrey of INPlus. We are extremely proud of you!! Give us a thumbs when you see it air your tv screen and digital platforms!😃.
Watch Intro Video


Play Video Here: Rated *Mature 17+*

Don't take our word for it

Here's what your fellow Music Creators have to say!

Ben Harris

Music Producer and Artist (@benharris)

" Feeling so blessed and grateful to be a part of the Sync Community, landing this Taco Bell placement. As a creator, you never know when anything would stick, and all you have to do is just keep working, learning, and networking. This happens to be my very first sync placement, and i'm immensely excited. "

Ryan Hornibrook

Music Producer and Composer (@ryzeofficialmusic)

" Working on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. That was a big one. Extremely grateful and excited to be a part of it, all thanks to the Sync Community for such a massive opportunity "

John Kyle

Co Owner, MMP Records

" Every musician needs to take and continue this type of training, The expertise and experience provided here is solid. The way it's presented is highly intuitive and educational for anyone that's willing to get into the music licensing business. The information is presented in a very easy term for a novice to understand, and i consider myself a novice. "

Matteo Galesi, Music Producer


" I wanted to thank you for the great content and helpful information on your platform. I have been hard at work creating since I joined a few months ago and you guys enabled me to be more focused and have a much clearer aim, thank you!! Really excited about the new update with the supervisor’s details, I have been trying to look for some contacts for weeks unsuccessfully and this is super helpful."

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Here's Why Over 10,000+ Music Creatives Worldwide Have Chosen The Sync Community

  • Music Creators

    I am a music creator looking to jumpstart my music licensing career, understanding how to licensing and create music to film and tv, generate consistent revenue, and secure longevity as a musician and creative.

  • Mentoring

    Skills are built when knowledge, experience, and context intersect. You need a platform that provides consistent training and leadership from various film and tv industry experts, which plays an important role to achieving success.

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity meets preparedness and every creative needs a platform to tap into that aligns with it's vision. The sync community has a great relationship with top music supervisors in this industry, hence allowing us to bring their music searches and needs directly to you.

  • Resources

    Building important and relevant relationships are vital assets to succeeding in this industry. The sync community provides you with resources in connecting with key players and decision makers behind music in visual media.

  • Community

    Every creative needs a community to thrive. Our members vary from bedroom producers, indie artists, grammy winning writers, and award winning composers, sync agents, music publishers and more, all over the world! Here, you can network and connect.

Sync on Demand

Learn From Top Industry Experts at The Sync Community:

Eric wears multiple hats in the industry. He's the music supervisor at Activision Blizzard, working on games such as Call of Duty, Destiny, and Guitar Hero. (Bio as of Dec 2019). Now streaming in your membership portal.

Brian is the Music Supervisor for NFL Network, supervising and coordinating music content for assigned NLFN television shows and NFL Media content. We discussed Music Use in Sports, NFL's music landscape, and more.

During their tenure at Deutsch (as of June 2020), Dez and Chase were the Dynamic duo behind the music for major brands such as Hulu, Taco Bell, Target, VW, Nintendo, Zillow, Spotify, Dr. Pepper, 7up, Snapple, Zillow, Nintendo, Canada Dry, 7 Eleven, Bush Beer, Draft Kings, Uber, and more, collectively. Here, they discuss and share the perfect merging of music and brands, opportunities for indie artists, requirements, and more. Available exclusively on The Sync Community.

Good News!

Song in Upcoming Amazon Movie

We are excited to announce that the song "Calligraphy" by "Shayon" has been selected for a placement in the upcoming movie, Run Sweetheart Run. This movie has since been acquired by Amazon. Congrats to all the creatives for your continual successes and placements!

Placement Opportunities

You can submit for the film/tv/advertising/video games listings as requested by music supervisors, ad agencies, producers, who tap into our network for music

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Sync Vault - TV Shows Database

TV Shows, Renewals, Music Pitching Timeline, Music Supervisor

The ever growing database contains HUNDREDS of tv shows. Yes, it's a VAULT! Unlock the resources for connecting your music to decision makers behind music in TV Shows including the Music Supervisors, Renewals, Recommended Music Pitch Timelines, Music use per show, and much more. Ever wondered when a show is premiering? Ever wondered if you're pitching your song at the right time? Ever wondered who to pitch your music too? All that are more are in in the Sync Vault. This is accessible in your membership portal.

Connect your music to decision makers behind music in TV Shows!

One Big Sync Family!

Think of Sync Community as your reliable ONE STOP SHOP for all things music licensing, and your navigator to music licensing success.

Who is Sync Con?

Why did we create the Online Sync Community?

Sync Con is the #1 music licensing conference (music in film and tv) in North America, connecting the dots between music creators and industry giants behind decision making for music use in film, tv, advertising and video games. The last conference (Hollywood) garnered over 700 attendees for a 3 day event. The Sync Community is the online membership portal created by Sync Con. This was created to provide continuous sync/music licensing training, placement opportunities, and more to music creators, digitally.

Did You Know That:

Music licensing is the quickest platform to achieving a steady stream of income. The creatives behind films, television shows, commercials, video games, ringtones, and other digital-age media NEED your music for their projects. Having Your Music In Film and TV puts you on the forefront for lucrative opportunities as a music creator. Regardless of experience, up-and-coming or a new songwriter or a music producer/composer, there’s a place for you in this fast-growing field—as long as you learn to master the game! Join the Sync Community today.

Sync Lessons & Trainings

Music for Advertising

Music is known to enhance a visual, engage an audience and make an ad more memorable. As a music creator, it is your job to help assist with the brand's sound, sonically.We'll be taking a head start on music for advertising. Tone of a music selection is highly important when conveying the messaging of the product. Access in your membership portal

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There's always more!

Deep Dive into more contents with Top Industry Experts via Sync on Demand

Sync on Demand

Music Selection Process & Negotiation, Tips for Aspiring Music Supervisors with MORGAN HUTCHESON

Morgan Hutcheson is a music supervisor with experience working in film and advertisements for major brands. Projects she has collaborated on include the award-winning feature film Eighth Grade, writer/director Nick Sandow and Martin Scorsese’s The Wannabe, and spots for major ad campaigns including Ford, Walmart and Chevrolet. She credits the mid-2000s FX series Nip/Tuck for her obsession with soundtracks (Bio as of 2019). Access in your membership portal.

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