Why You Should License Your Music in 2021

Having your music in film, tv, advertising and Video Games (Jan 5, 2021)

2020 had it’s stories and experiences with the music industry. Certain parts of the Entertainment Industry such as touring, concerts, and many more were paused, indefinitely. 

The Music Licensing world quickly turned to a needful alternative for music creators to monetize their music, and generate income for their music, now more than ever. 

With all that music siting on their hard drives, what were they meant to do with it?

The journey continues into 2021 and it's clear that licensing your music to film, television, video games, advertising is more of a need than an option.

There was a surge in video game releases and sales last year. As a result of that, ons of trailer releases for promo, in game music use, 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should License Your Music in 2021

1. Show Renewals and Productions 

The film and television production resumed in California  and New York around summer of 2020. Several TV shows and movies jumpstarted production and shooting, while keeping safety regulations in place. 

Many shows are already premiering in January 2021 with more to come all through 2021. As a music creator, this presents more music placement opportunities for you as production increases.

2. Video Game Thrives in 2020 and Continues in 2021

The video game industry experienced an astounding hike in sales, resulting to more revenue generation. Why was this? Well, with millions of people at home, and in need of various forms of entertainment, video game happens to be a high go-to. This obviously increased the use of music for trailers and promos of the video games, and an increase of in-game use as well. This demand and trend doesn't seem to be slowing down in 2021.  With this surge, this presents a music composer or songwriter more opportunities to tap into in the realm of video game music, and collaborating with game developers to create video game soundtracks, for it's in-game music, trailer releases, or promos.

3. Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of licensing your music is exposure. Introducing your music to a wide range of audience could potentially lead to a bigger fanbase, increase in your brand as a creative, and off course bigger possibilities. An episode of a TV show averages millions of viewership. Your music playing in a memorable scene could foster memory staples of the song in many viewer's minds, leading to more streams, shazams, viewership, and social following. Not even a stadium filled concert could have that same effect. Tides are changing and this is a clear indicator that having your music licensed is not longer a by pass, but an income generating arm for a music creator, plus exposure to a newer audience. 

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